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Car Seat Shampoo Service

Car Seat Shampoo Service in Bay area mobile detailing Car Seat Shampoo Service in Bay area mobile detailing

Trust Us, Your Car Is Not Clean After a Simple Vacuum

Your seats go through a lot for us. They hold a lot for us too like… Dirt, spills, and gunk.

Our cleaning service will make your seats a lot cleaner and smell better.
Give us a chance and give us a call today! We promise we will amaze you at the before & after difference!

  • Remove Odor Smell

    Get started with our service today, we will make sure the inside of your car smells new or better than it was.

  • Remove Old-Hard To Remove Stains

    We will always do our best to remove the old stains on your carpet or seats. We will shampoo/hot water extraction which will lift the gunk.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Pet Hair From My Vehicle?

Please give us a call or contact us through our social media and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Every vehicle is different and we want to give you the best accurate pricing by letting us know your make, model and year.

Why is Pet Hair So Hard To Remove?

Most pet hairs are naturally thick and prone to stick to leather, carpets, and most fabrics due to their natural static energy. 

An abundant amount of pet hair can absorb dirt, contaminants, moisture, and bacteria. This all can create an odor in your vehicle which people don’t want!

Let's Get Your Car Cleaned Today!

We can come to your work or home!

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